Bruce Returns to Teach Inquiry-Based Learning

Prof. Chip Bruce

The Center for Digital Inclusion is pleased that Prof. “Chip” Bruce is returning to the iSchool to teach this summer. His course, “Inquiry-Based Learning,” taught a number of times prior to his retirement, will be offered via LEEP this year. Describing the course, Prof. Bruce wrote that it “provides an introduction to ways of thinking about learning as it occurs in libraries, museums, homes, workplaces, and online, as well as in formal educational settings. Students will read about, observe, and engage in interdisciplinary, inquiry-based learning. They will examine the creation of environments in which learners are actively engaged in making meaning through personal and collaborative inquiry. The course will examine the roles of new media and cultural differences. It will also consider the history of inquiry-based instruction, and challenges, including those related to management, assessment, and the acquisition of basic skills.” The class will be offered on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30pm, starting May 17, 2017; more details are available here. Welcome back!

project coordinator, School of Information Sciences

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