C-U Fab Lab to Host Open House

Make plans to visit the CU Community Fab Lab on Thursday September 4th any time between 4 and 9pm for the Fall 2014 open house.

The Fabrication Laboratory is kind of like a modern day inventor’s workshop and is open to anyone in the community interested in making things. At the FabLab, you can become familiar a variety of tools such as 3D printers, Laser cutters,  sewing machines and soldering irons. The Fab Lab also hosts a vibrant community of artists, engineers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who work together on projects of all kinds.

The open house will feature a tour the lab, examples of starter projects, staff and volunteers introductions, and an overview of upcoming events and workshops. The lab is free to use, users are only charged at-cost for materials and machines.

For more information, visit cucfablab.org or email ginger@illinois.edu

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