Announcing the Center for Solutions to Online Violence






The Center for Solutions to Online Violence (CSOV) provides extensive resources for people that have faced, may face, or may reproduce forms of violence and aggression in online spaces.

The Center for Solutions to Online Violence (CSOV) is a virtual hub for a distributed community working to address the myriad forms of violence women and femmes experience in digital spaces. In addressing online harassment, our goal is to improve equity, access, and engagement with digital tools and culture. We seek to ensure that women and femmes who participate in our connected culture do not have to trade physical and psychological security for access to digital resources and communities. We address issues of gender, race, sexuality, and ability.

The Center for Solutions to Online Violence features a broad range of resources from various perspectives.

Locking Down Your Digital Identity is a how-to guide for all. It provides instructions on topics from password management to verification to identifying and cleaning up personal information on the web. It even includes time estimates for each task!

Another resource available through the CSOV is the Research Ethics, Social Media, & Accountability Video Series. Videos feature academics and professionals answering the question, “Why is it important for teachers, students and journalists to think about Research Ethics when they are using social media as part of their teaching and research?”  Their responses incorporate perspectives from a number of fields into real-world, lived scenarios.


CSOV is a part of FemTechNet and is funded by a grant run through the 2015 Digital Media and Learning Competition.

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