Colleague Bayo Urban Prioritizes People, not Technology

Ivette Bayo Urban has worked with CDI staff for several years in various capacities and we regularly check in on her inspiring activities.  Ivette is a PhD Candidate at the University of Washington’s iSchool and an important contributor to FemTechNet, She recently wrote a commentary, “Digital Citizenship — prioritize people, not technologies,” for MyEdmondsNews, an online publication in her hometown of Edmonds, WA. Ivette stresses: “Research shows that when we frame technology through ‘normal’ approaches, we further marginalize people whose identities are already vulnerable or undervalued in our society.” She discusses five considerations to avoid “normal” approaches. Her research tracks “ways we dismiss or invalidate peoples’ technological experiences — and there are many. We must be mindful of the language we use to talk about technology and avoid ‘technological microaggressions’.” Ivette recently started an organization called SEAT Institute, Social Justice Education Around Technology, to further this work. Read her full commentary at the link above. Thanks, Ivette!

project coordinator, School of Information Sciences

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