US Ignite Announcements: Google Fiber and more!

Announcements published in the Sept. 23, 2013 US Ignite Newsletter are below. Champaign-Urbana’s Big Broadband Network (UC2B) is a member of US Ignite. To learn more, visit

US Ignite Partners with Google Fiber and Launches the Gigabit Explorer Challenge  

US Ignite is excited to announce its partnership with Google Fiber and the launch of the Gigabit Explorer Challenge.  This is an exclusive event for innovative developers teams who want to disrupt the status quo and think beyond constraints and bring next-generation applications to life that take full advantage of the Google Fiber network. Participating teams will have direct access to technology advisors, on-site computing and storage resources, as well as an opportunity to showcase their apps to leading next-generation technology experts and executives.

For a chance to be a part of this event, all you need is a willingness to put time into developing a great idea – we can help with the rest. To apply, just go to, submit your ideas and your team’s info, and you could be selected to join us at the Google Fiber Space in Kansas City, MO November 1-3.

Registration is Now Open for US Ignite’s Joint Workshop with the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) on October 8th

“Shared Foundation for Global Networking: Designing and Deploying Innovative SDN & OpenFlow Solutions”

US Ignite is partnering with the Open Network Foundation (ONF), the global member organization for SDN architectures and specification, including the OpenFlow protocol, to host a joint workshop to highlight the rich set of opportunities we share for greater collaboration. ONF will provide the latest information on the proposed evolution of the OpenFlow protocol and SDN architecture. At the same time, US Ignite, GENI developers and experimenters will share with ONF information about their emerging applications and requirements for new OpenFlow capabilities and profiles.

You can read more and register here — space is limited!

Blacksburg, VA a US Ignite Partner Declared
First Gigabit Wireless City

Late last week, US Ignite partner Blacksburg, VA announced that they have launched one of the first public gigabit Wi-Fi networks to support the development of next-generation apps.  This breakthrough project was a result of a successful crowd funding campaign to install a fiber network in the community. The campaign was a huge success and exceeded the organizer’s goals, which enabled them to deploy the world’s most advanced wireless technology built on the foundation of a gigabit.  You can learn more about this exciting project  here and on our blog here.


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